About the Piercer

Hi, I'm Beth! 

I'm the Body Piercer at Haunted. I have been a Body Piercer since 2017. I absolutely love my job and really enjoy meeting new people. I work alongside the amazingly talented tattoo artists at Lumina. click here to check out their site. Anyway, enough about me. This page has all the information you might need before coming for a piercing. Have a scroll.


Haunted Piercing and Jewellery works from Lumina Studio in Malvern, Worcestershire. I am so lucky to work with an amazing team. Collectively we offer, Custom Tattoos, Piercing, Restorative tattooing, Jewellery, physical Art and so much more. 

Private Piercing Room.

I Pierce in my private room. I feel it is important to have a nice space for those clients who are a bit nervous when it comes to getting pierced. 

piercing room.jpg

We only pierce using needles. no guns. want to know why? click here. for more information about needle piercing, send us a message at contact.