Navel Piercing

All piercings are done using needles and titanium jewellery. Please be advised that not everyone has the right anatomy for certain piercings, you will be advised at the appointment.

Important information - Please read before booking: 

This piercing is restricted to those over 16+, anyone under this age must attend with a legal parent or guardian. Please be aware we do not offer this piercing to anyone under the age of 14. If you turn up to the appointment and are underage or do not have a parent present, you will lose your booking fee.


Please ensure you have had something to eat at least 4 hours before your piercing. You or your parent MUST bring photo ID with you to the appointment, you cannot be pierced without it. Failure to provide photo ID at the appointment will result in the loss of your booking fee. We accept full driving license, provisional, passport, citizenship card.